2218 N. Clark St - Chicago, IL - (773) 592-3434

About Josh Moulton


My work can be described as having a unique perspective on everyday life. I try to capture people, architecture, and landscapes in a way that is original yet identifiable.

I try not to limit myself to one subject in case I see something ‘different’ that I think would make a strong painting. I do, however, have specific themes in my work, whether they are architectural cityscapes, people interacting in their environment, or natural still life’s. I use color schemes, compositions and social commentary to produce striking paintings.

As an artist, I look for light and how it reflects on architecture and nature. Compositionally there needs to be a strong sense of perspective and a few objects that frame or move the eye around the image. I am drawn to architecture and its interaction with nature, as well as the effects that nature has on man made objects. I try to represent locations from an original perspective. Over the past five years, I have started to use my painting as a medium for social commentary. I want the viewer to spend time asking questions about why I did certain things with each piece.

My gallery is located in a great part of Lincoln Park. It’s very close to the park and lake, plus it’s on a great street with a mix of commercial spaces and residential homes. I am very excited to take this big step in my career as I realized the exposure to everyone in Chicago is what my business needs. I have successfully built my career as an artist over the years with steady sales, corporate collections, gallery representation, etc. Now it is time to make sure everyone knows about it. I have something for everyone, please come take a look.