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Paying Attention to Detail

Paying Attention to Detail

As an artist whose work is very realistic, it’s important for me to make sure that I pay attention to detail. To every little detail. My wife often remarks that she can’t understand how I make such beautifully detailed paintings but I leave my clothes laying around and I don’t pick up after myself as much as I should. I think there is a correlation here between putting so much effort and thought into my paintings and business, that I usually don’t have much left in other parts of my life. I pay so much attention to details in the work I am producing and all of the little things involved with my business that I need to have a space or place where I can be less detailed. A place where I can just be messy.

I like to try and relate the world of art, which I make my career, and the rest of the working world. Paying attention to detail is a skill and mindset that is important and necessary for any successful person. It’s always the little things that matter. Following up with a customer quickly after they reach out to you with interest. Making sure that person who purchases an expensive piece from you, understands how much you care about them and their commitment to your business. Doing the research and hard work to find new business and customers. Thinking about new avenues to explore with your work which might open up a whole new set of customers.

When it comes to the actual production of the work, don’t “half ass it”. If you are going to take on the difficult task of painting a portrait for someone, you better make sure it looks like the person. If you are going to paint a city scene, you better be accurate with all of the little windows, perspective, composition, scale, shadows. Don’t make excuses if they are not there…. And call it abstract or “your style”. If you want to be realistic, then be realistic and pay attention to the details.

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