Making Memories for Christmas Gifts

I’m thankful that my career as an artist/painter makes so many people happy during the holiday season. For 18 yrs I’ve been producing commissioned paintings for customers and I love the anticipation of Christmas Day when they are given as gifts. #painting #paintings #commission #fineart #gallery #artgallery #gifts #artwork #art #christmas

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Paying Attention to Detail

Paying Attention to Detail As an artist whose work is very realistic, it’s important for me to make sure that I pay attention to detail. To every little detail. My wife often remarks that she can’t understand how I make such beautifully detailed paintings but I leave my clothes laying around and I don’t pick

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The Importance of Art in the World

The Importance of Art in the World There was a time when every American was very familiar with images like this. Illustrations were everywhere. This illustration was produced by my Father back in the 1950’s. A free-lance illustrator for all of the ad agencies in New York. The shift from people who could render things

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