Paying Attention to Detail


Paying Attention to Detail As an artist whose work is very realistic, it’s important for me to make sure that I pay attention to detail. To every little detail. My wife often remarks that she can’t understand how I make such beautifully detailed paintings but I leave my clothes laying around and I don’t pick

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The Importance of Art in the World


The Importance of Art in the World There was a time when every American was very familiar with images like this. Illustrations were everywhere. This illustration was produced by my Father back in the 1950’s. A free-lance illustrator for all of the ad agencies in New York. The shift from people who could render things

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Closing Gifts for Realtors


Just framed 20 small matted prints of my Chicago images. Closing gifts for MKT Keller Williams. Thank you Joe Zimmerman, Mary Haight and the MKT team for 7 years of using my artwork as closing gifts. You have always been in my corner and champions of my work. #believeit

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Harsen’s Island House Portrait


This was a favorite commissioned house portrait I did a few years back. At the time it was a new construction home on Harsen’s Island. Developed by South Channel Construction. This was a gift for the home buyers. I always love seeing the paintings in their homes.

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House Portrait


New commissioned painting for Robert (Lake Forest College class of 1958) & Dorothy Hernquist. Their home of 40 years the just sold a few months ago on Belden near Clark St. just up the block from my gallery. Watercolor 18″ x 24″. Bob came to visit me at my gallery years ago and we struck

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Trading Floor Potential Paintings


Always thought a painting of a trading floor would be great. The energy, colors, etc. These trading pits are becoming a thing of the past with computers and technology taking over. Here are some images of the commotion of traders at the CBOE, Mercantile Exchange, NYSE, etc.

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Managing Expectations- Small Business 101

j_1 (2)

Managing Expectations- Small Business 101 There’s an old saying “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch”. This is especially true in business where sales are often promised or verbally committed to frequently, then often end up not happening. It’s difficult to not factor in those potential sales right away, especially when they are big ones.

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Statue of Liberty


Had a customer in the gallery yesterday interested in having me do a painting of The Statue of Liberty. Apparently he is a collector of images with that subject. At first I was thinking, kind of touristy and not really my thing. But I found some images I think could work and make a striking

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GoGo Art Commission Reveal


Today I delivered and installed two commissioned paintings for GoGo’s Corporate Office Space downtown. These are hanging in the boardroom. The President and CEO of GoGo, Michael Small and his wife saw me speak on a panel this past Fall for the 1871 Momentum Awards. A few days later they visited me at the gallery

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Gene & Georgetti Vodka Label


During the 75th Anniversary party for Gene & Georgetti, they introduced their new vodka. I have licensed the image of my painting for their label. It’s a real honor to be involved with such a great Chicago landmark and have them as part of my extended family. Stop by the restaurant and try it out.

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